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Expertise & Guidance

with Lubowicki Lanier Arch


We know that the pursuit of designing and constructing a project can be daunting for a client particularly if it is their first experience. Along with tremendous excitement invariably comes tremendous concerns. We believe knowledge and understanding are key to overcoming trepidation and are the foundations for moving forward with confidence in an organized fashion that supports effective decision making. 

The design process is one of dialogue between the client and architect where ideas are meant to be engaging and will spur on new ideas. CigoL provides a framework so the partnership can assess the ideas, create a hierarchy, and make sure the important ideas float to the top.  When the strong “guiding" principles are identified it allows for other decisions to be made more easily, based on the hierarchy. We work from broad general ideas early on in the process on to the very specific nitty gritty later in the process.

The benchmarks of the process are as follows:


Phase 1     Predesign - surveying, code research, site analysis, budget numbers, programming


Phase 2     Schematic Design - sketch plans and drawings that synthesize the info gathered in phase 1. 


Phase 3     Design Development - refinement of selected design from phase 2. development of consultant work. 

Phase 4     Construction Documents - development of details, assemblies, schedules and specifications.


Phase 5     Contractor Selection - assist with contractor selection and contract negotiations.


Phase 6     Construction Observation - observe to ensure construction is in-line with the construction documents and expectations are being met.

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