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Client Centered Thinking
Sustainable residential
Our Focus

We ALWAYS start a project by deeply and carefully listening to you, the client. 


It is our belief that a project can not be successful unless it meets your needs, your concerns, and your aspirations.  So we listen to you and organize and internalize the said and the unsaid.  And because the design and construction process is one that involves many people and entities we see our role as being your main communicator and your staunchest advocate.


It is through the understanding that you are in good hands that we want you to relax and become engaged, motivated...




...and dare we say HAVE A GOOD TIME!


Photo by Michael Moran

Utilizing Resources

At CigoL we recognize the impact that buildings have on resources and the environment and the importance of a thoughtful approach to designing a sustainable future.   We believe that eco-friendly measures should not be last minute considerations but rather an integral part of an architectural design.  Beyond mitigating energy consumption and carbon footprints, thoughtful approaches can increase the quality of life of the occupant in respect to items such as temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, daylighting, etc. while saving long term costs.  We engage with clients on the eco friendly measures that they feel comfortable taking.


Green technology is a dynamic field with constant innovation, however, some of the most substantial sustainability measures are very simple, inexpensive, often passive, and borrowed from the past. At CigoL we can provide insight and guidance to help distinguish between the “low hanging fruit” and certain costly technologies that may not be appropriate investments. 

Sustainable architecture

Photo by Michael Moran

with Lubowicki Lanier Architecture

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